Gold Coast Dive Centre has a facility of over 420 square metres to provide the student to study in a comfort environment with:

  • 6 classroom
  • Professional Instructors
  • Student support
  • A large retail showroom (soon to be ready)
  • Ladies and Gents toilets
  • Shower facilities
  • Private study area (upstairs/downstairs)
  • Parking available for over 60 cars
  • 2 Boats
  • 1 Jet Ski
  • Outdoor Activities with students



GCDC you will be learning, diving and socialising with students from all over the world. Lessons are delivered in English so for your safety, you must have a good level of written and spoken English to understand diving and safety instructions thoroughly. Applicants whose first language is other than English must provide proof of a score of at least 5.5 in a recent IELTS test, with no band less than 5. Alternatively, a TOEFL Test score of 550, (or equivalent qualification) would suffice. If you have completed a recent English  language test you should attach copies of all relevant records.Copies of all qualifications provided from overseas sources must be certified.

If you hape not reached the required level of English, you may have to study English with another Gold Coast English Language College first. We can arrange this if necessary. Please contact us if you require this, stating full details of your level of English plus any English course certificates or awards you have received.



Courses are assessed at GCDC in conjunction with your course progress, if you are studying on an Australian Visa



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SIS30413 Certificate III in Outdoor Recreation

»CRICOS Certificate III units core and electives

»CRICOS Certificate III timetable


SIS40313 Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation

»CRICOS Certificate IV units core and electives

»CRICOS Certificate IV timetable



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»Policies and procedures relating to International Students studying on Australian Student Visas (CRICOS)
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GCDC respects the rights of its students to study their chosen course without interruption and also expects that students will respect the College rules in return. The College deplores bad behaviour, bad language, rudeness and bullying of any kind and aims to maintain a harmonious relationship among the student body. In cases where a student has been found guilty of serious misbehaviour, the College may take action to cancel the student’s course and report him/her to the Australian Immigration Authorities. In these cases, it is likely that the student’s fees will not be refunded. Any action by the College to report a student is subject to the College’s Complaints and Appeals process, described elsewhere in this document.

Below is the College’s Code of Conduct and we ask you to read this carefully before you sign the Student Agreement.



Gold Coast Dive Centre respects the rights of its students and understands the pressures that students may face, living and studying in a new country.  Our staff is always ready to help and we want to correct any problems before they become too serious. In return, we expect our students to behave properly in the school and respect the wishes of College staff and their classmates at all times.

The College has developed a Code of Conduct for its students, the primary objective of which is to maintain a safe and happy learning environment, whether it be in the classroom, or in the water.  Particularly, we ask you not to do any of the following:

  • Deliberately disobeying a directive by a teacher or staff member.
  • Being rude or continually disruptive in class.
  • Assaulting another student, bullying, or making threats against another student
  • All forms of harassment and discrimination – racial, religious, sexual, disability
  • Internet and computer abuse
  • Stealing from the school or from another student.
  • Deliberately damaging equipment, including diving equipment, computer programs and computers.
  • Placing yourself, or another student or staff member of the College in danger by committing a dangerous, thoughtless, or negligent act.
  • Falsifying any documents issued by the College (eg. Attendance Certificates, progress reports, or Class rolls.)
  • Cheating in examinations and tests.

Any of the above could result in your suspension from class and the cancellation of your course without refund.  In addition, if you are found guilty of a serious criminal offence in Australia, such as stealing or assault, you may also be asked to leave the College.



At Gold Coast Dive Centre, we try to give all our students top quality teaching and personal care. If you are not happy with any aspect of your course or the care you are receiving, we want to know. Don’t worry if your English isn’t good. We will give you every help with your enquiry.

Following are the steps you should take if you have a complaint (grievance) against the College:

If you have a problem about the College or any aspect of your course or the accommodation that the College has arranged for you, you should tell the Student Services Officer at the front desk.  Alternatively, you may wish to make an appointment with the College Director. If your problem is personal, we may arrange for you to see the College’s Welfare Counsellor.


Your right to Appeal (Internal Appeals).

If you are not happy with the College’s decision, or the help you have received, you can lodge a formal appeal with the College Director. This formal appeal must be in writing and the Director will reply to you in writing in a timely manner.


Your Right to Access an External Complaints and Appeals Body.

If your grievance cannot be resolved by the above process, the College will give you every help in accessing an external, independent complaints and appeals body, as shown below.


  1. Overseas Students Appealing:

    • External appeals from overseas students should be made to the Overseas Student Ombudsman (Overseas student Complaints and Appeals Office.) The Ombudsman’s office is located in Canberra ACT and hears unresolved disputes between overseas students and Private Education Providers.  Overseas students who have an unresolved issue with GCDC are able to access the Ombudsman’s office by phone, fax, or via an on-line form on the Ombudsman’s website.Details are:Ombudsman Website: the Ombudsman using the Online Complaint Form, found on the Ombudsman’s website.Call the Ombudsman by Telephone:Calls from within Australia:  1300 362 072. Calls from outside Australia:  +61 2 61 6276 0111

      Contact the Ombudsman by Fax:

      Fax From within Australia: 02 6276 0123. Fax from outside Australia: +61 2 6276 0123

      Contact the Ombudsman In Writing:

      Send a written complaint to the Ombudsman at the following address:

       The Overseas Student Ombudsman
      GPO Box 422
      Canberra ACT 2601

      If you require an interpreter (translator) Call within Australia: 131 450, or call from outside Australia: +613 9203 4027.

      You can access the Ombudsman’s office yourself, or nominate another person to contact them on your behalf. Your contact with the Overseas Student Ombudsman and the use of an interpreter service over the telephone is at no cost to you. Interpreters for written complaints or faxes etc. are also provided as a free service if necessary.

      Overseas Students Nominating a support person:

      International students may nominate a support person to accompany them at any stage of the dispute resolution process. The person you choose may also contact the Ombudsman’s  office in Canberra on your behalf.


  1. Domestic Students Appealing:

    • If you are a domestic student and your grievance cannot be resolved by the above process, the College will arrange for your complaint to be heard by an external, independent complaints and appeals body, the Dispute Resolution Centre of the Department of Justice and the Attorney-General (Queensland State Government). This body is located at the Brisbane Magistrates’ Court, Level 1, 363 George St, Brisbane 4000.  Contact details are: Tel: Brisbane 07 3239 6269; Fax: 07 3239 6284.The Student Services Officer can arrange an appointment with the Dispute Resolution Centre on your behalf and the process will be at minimal, or no cost to you. All complaints to the Dispute Resolution Centre must be made in writing. Your Right to Lodge a Complaint about the College with the Australian Skills Quality Authority.

      If you have a serious concern about the conduct of the College and cannot obtain satisfaction through the College’s Grievance Resolution process, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Australian Skills Quality Authority, ASQA. This Authority has the power to suspend or cancel a College’s registration if it is found to be in breach of regulations. Complaints should be forwarded in writing to:


      The Manager
      Organisation: Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA)
      Student Online complaints form Make a student complaint via the online complaint form at
      Telephone: 1300 701 801, or from outside Australia,

      61–3 8613 3910, between 9.00am and 7.00pm Eastern Standard time.

      Translation /Interpreter services 131 450


      Your rights under Queensland and Australian Law:

      Regardless of the dispute resolution processes shown above, if you are still dissatisfied, you have the right to seek other legal remedies under Australian and Queensland Common Law. But we hope it will never get this serious and we will always do our best to resolve your problem at an early stage.




The College Counsellors*

The College has Counsellors to help students with any course-related, visa related, or further education inquiries or problems they may have during their course. We encourage students to ask questions and seek help, firstly from your instructor, then if you don’t get the answer you need, from the Student Services Officer or the College Director.

Welfare Counselling:

Counseling appointments for welfare (personal or private) matters can be arranged in advance with the Student Services Officer at the front desk and you will be directed to an external counseling service.  The College Welfare Counsellor is Ms Ros Phillips  of Tranquility Counselling. Ms Phillips can visit the College for counselling appointments most weekdays, or you can go to her rooms at 46 Hollywell Rd Biggera Waters 4216.  (Tel: 07 5570 3303.)  This external counselling service is usually at your own cost.