We are pleased to be able to provide you with our detailed Homestay fee schedule for all placements commencing 1st January every year. Homestay is a great way to get a better view on local life on the Gold Coast.

Please read carefully and distribute this to all the  appropriate people and staff within your business.

Important Homestay Information

Please note that:

  • Placement fees have remained consistent nationally, at AU$280.00.
  • Hosts must provide internet access to all students. Hosts can charge students a maximum of $12.50 per week in QLD/NSW/TAS/WA and a maximum of $10 per week in SA/NT. 
  • AHN continues to offer students, hosts, agents, and education providers a homestay service with appropriate standards, to guarantee students have an enriching and successful homestay experiences.

For additional information or enquiries please contact your local AHN manager, they can also discuss study tour arrangements in more detail with you.

As the largest provider of hosted accommodation in Australia, we thank you for your continued support!

Kind regards,

Australian Homestay Network