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Who can take this course?

If you have a passion for the water, the sea and all the underwater world this is the course you need to take as the adventure starts you will discover the magical beneath the waves.

This is one of the most popular courses recognized worldwide, get your certification recognized anywhere in the world.

To enroll into a Open Water Course you must be 10 years old or older. You need adequate swimming skills and need to be in good physical health. No prior experience with scuba diving is required.

What will you learn?

The Open Water Diver course consists of three main phases:

  1. You will gain developed knowledge in the classroom understanding the basic principles of scuba diving

  2. You will have many Confined Water Dives to learn basic scuba skills (Pool Skills)

  3. Many Open Water Dives to refine your new skills and start exploring the waters of the ocean.

    All up you will get four open water dives and pool sessions.

Book your ‘Open Water Diver Course’ now

When can I start this course?

Follow these few simple steps:
  • Get in contact with us by Phone, by email send us an enquiry or sign up online by clicking here.
  • We will book you in
  • Course duration is three days
  • We will provide all your gear for the course
  • GCDC retail shop has a wide variety of gear to suit your needs and budget
  • No Medical Requirements (Unless there is mayor health issues)
  • Medical declaration to be completed on site before the course starts
  • Fee Payment Required prior to starting your course.
  • The Online Component of your training will need to be completed prior to your course start date
  • At the end of the course you will receive a digital notification of completion and also receive your OPEN WATER certification card by mail

Dive Sites

The Gold Coast is a coastal city on the east coast of Australia. The Gold Coast experiences a sub tropical climate, with warm winters and hot summers, making it an ideal location for diving adventures all year round.

The Gold Coast Dive Centre visits dive locations that are sure to impress with their spectacular underwater scenery.

Book your ‘Open Water Diver Course’ now

Where to find us

Gold Coast Dive Centre & marine Training College is at 2/54-46 Paradise Ave, Miami QLD 4220.

Welcome to the start of your adventure with us! All scuba divers and snorkelers are kindly requested to check-in before moving to departure point.