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New Adventures, Expierences, Discoveries

This is all the thrill that Advance Open Water is going to give you, is not necessary for you to be advance open water, but as you have achieved the Open Water Certification this is the course that will allow you to expand, advance your knowledge and skills through different Adventure Dives.

You will try out different specialties while gaining experience under the supervision of your Instructor. You log dives and developed new skills as you find new ways to enjoy, have fun scuba diving.

What will you learn?

Our Advance Adventure course is designed to get our students the maximum level of experience and skill. The adventure dives that you may complete are;

  1. Deep dives (over 25mts is a proper Deep dive)
  2. Navigation Dives (Use of a Compass)
  3. Perfect Buoyancy (control your buoyancy)
  4. Night Dives (The most exciting dive)
  5. Wreck dives

Book your ‘Continue your adventures with the SSI Advanced Adventurer program’ now

When can I start this course?

You can start to learn about seven of the most popular Adventures Dives – including the required Deep and Underwater Navigation Adventure Dives, plus Boat, Night, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Underwater Naturalist and Wreck Adventure Dives. You study at your own pace through an easy to use, interactive program. Or you can choose when you would like to finish, other Adventure Dives as directed by your Instructor.

 Gear Required for AOWC

Note: We have a gear package available instore.

  • Basic Scuba equipment
  • Dive Knife /dive tool
  • Compass
  • Dive Torch
  • Depends on the adventure dive your instructor will advice

Follow these next steps

  • Get in contact with us by Phone, by email send us an enquiry or click the BOOK NOW button below
  • We will book you in
  • Course duration three days
  • We will provide all your gear for the course
  • GCDC retail shop has a wide variety of gear to suit your needs and budget
  • No Medical Requirements (Unless there is mayor health issues)
  • Medical declaration to be completed on site before the course starts
  • Fee payment made prior to starting your course
  • The Online Component of your course needs to be completed prior to your course start date
  • At the end of the course you will received a digital notification and also receive your ADVANCE OPEN WATER certification on your SSI profile.

Book your ‘Continue your adventures with the SSI Advanced Adventurer program’ now

Where to find us

Gold Coast Dive Centre & marine Training College is at 2/54-46 Paradise Ave, Miami QLD 4220.

Welcome to the start of your adventure with us! All scuba divers and snorkelers are kindly requested to check-in before moving to departure point.